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Multi-functional brominated biocides


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Multi-functional brominated biocides

ICL Innovation, a technology incubator for ICL, is seeking innovative technologies resulting in a solution enhancing biocidal activity based on brominated biocides with additional functionality such as:

Anti corrosion
Biofilm dispersion
Anti scalant
pH correction
Other functionality


Key Success Criteria:



Drawing on its chlorine and bromine based expertise ICL-IP Microbial Solutions produces a wide range of biocides, providing solutions to varying water treatment needs, such as swimming pools & SPAs, cooling towers, pulp & paper facilities. ICL-IP's biocides improve the re-use rate of industrial water, the quality of industrial water discharge and the safety of recreation water facilities. ICL-IP's biocides are backed by ICL-IP’s network of offices and distributors where local inventories are maintained, and by extensive regulatory support to private labeling and sub-registration. ICL-IP’s biocides are manufactured using world's most economical source of bromine. ICL-IP's manufacturing facilities are certified under ISO 9000-9002 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

 A full description of the current product line in the Microbial Solutions division can be found in this link

As a technology incubator, ICL Innovation is looking only for innovative technologies that may be further developed and commercialized through a business unit in ICL. 

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