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Open Innovation at ICL

By embracing the Open Innovation approach, ICL Innovation intends to bring the best of the world’s innovation into the Company from wherever it originates, and to harness the power of collaboration with scientists/entrepreneurs worldwide to accelerate ICL’s growth. The initiative is aimed at accelerating ICL’s development of sustainable new products and processes, and at enhancing the Company’s ability to provide effective solutions for major global challenges.  See Our Focus.

 Open Innovation will bring to ICL the full range of knowledge, creativity and initiative available throughout the world. The initiative will help assure ICL’s standing as a leading industrial company dedicated to addressing the challenges created by the growing global population and increased environmental awareness. See Resources.

ICL Innovation has been mandated with compiling a list of needs throughout the company whose solutions require fundamental research, and actively searching for interested researchers and technologies. It has been established as a response to the blurring of differentiating lines between academic and industrial knowledge, and  basic and applied research. Today, fundamental research is increasingly relevant for solving industry’s critical problems in the areas of biotechnology, water technologies, chemistry and nanotechnology and more.