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ICL Innovation seeks innovative early stage technologies, novel materials and cost-effective production processes to be incorporated by ICL Fertilizers into their products. 

We are currently looking for:

Our Current Fertilizer Offerings

Commodity Fertilizers

ICL Fertilizers is one of the world’s largest producers of potash and an integrated producer of a variety of products based on phosphate rock, including phosphate fertilizers and phosphoric acid. ICL is the world's sixth potash producer. In Western Europe ICL ranks second.

Both globaly and in Europe, ICL is the largest producer of compound potash and phosphate fertilizers, known as PK fertilizers. ICL sells its products in Brazil, India, China, Israel and many other markets. China and India, as part of the greater Southeastern Asia, are target markets, and indeed sales growth in those areas show our commitment to the development of this market. ICL's advantage derives from our access to abundant, low cost Potash reserves. Large capacity is available through almost unlimited stockpiling in the open air around the Dead Sea area. Combined with the logistics of production in Israel ICL's advantage becomes clear. 

Specialty Fertilizers

We are the world’s leading producer of MKP and one of the largest producers of liquid and soluble fertilizers. These value-added, higher margin specialty fertilizers are used for advanced, environmentally-friendly agricultural and industrial application such as a fertigation, liquid fertilizing and foliar feeding.

During the past few years ICL Fertilizers has made several acquisitions that transformed its specialty fertilizers unit into one of the world’s major global specialty fertilizer players. 

Nitrogen fixation for crops

1. Modified natural mineral or synthetic organo-metallic complexes for the photo-fixation of nitrogen from air at ambient temperatures and pressures.
2. A biomimetic system for the fixation of nitrogen from air in ambient temperature and pressures that can be added to crops either through the roots or through foliar application
Rate of fixation should meet a substantial portion of the plant's demand