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R&D at ICL

ICL employs some of the world’s most innovative scientists in the areas of agro, food, water and materials. We employ over 500 R&D specialists to serve our customers and to develop new, sustainable products and applications at our central R&D facility located in Israel (“IMI”) and at our business units worldwide.

As a result, we have accumulated over 900 patents in countries throughout the world. In 2011, for instance, we registered 58 patents related to flame retardants, industrial and specialty products, biocides, agrochemicals, and new alloys, half of which are innovations related to sustainability. With the belief that patent protection is an important tool for preserving and developing our business activities, we manage our intellectual property actively.

IMI is a world-class research institute that operates out of Israel’s largest industrial chemistry R&D center. Its facilities include advanced research laboratories, a sophisticated mini-pilot facility, large pilot facilities and analytical laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. IMI has achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SI OHSAS 18001 certification from the Standards Institution of Israel.

IMI provides a broad range of services, including R&D, production testing and other types of analyses for ICL and external customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental service industries. However, IMI’s most important assets are its human resources, including highly experienced chemists, engineers, microbiologists, analytical chemists, corrosion experts and technicians.

IMI prides itself on its compact dedicated team of researchers who co-operate on a cross disciplinary basis as required to develop a project from its conception as "paper chemistry" to full-scale industrial level implementation. Its focus includes the following areas of activity:  


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