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Engineered Materials


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Engineered Materials

ICL Innovation seeks innovative, early stage technologies, novel materials and cost effective production processes that can be incorporated by ICL IP into a variet of flame retardant, phosphate salts and engineered materials.


We are seeking innovations in the following areas:


Flame retardants

Microbial solutions





20 million fires affecting private dwellings, public buildings, discos, trains, buses and subways claim tens of thousands of lives and injure hundreds of thousands of people per year, at an annual cost to the global community of more than $40 billion dollars. Among the solutions available to reduce fire damage is the use of reliable fire retardants to treat flammable objects, providing the critical escape time needed to save lives and property.


ICL-IP’s flame retardants are designed to enhance consumer safety while conforming to environmental concerns. All of its products are backed by comprehensive toxicological and environmental research, and conform with international regulations and directives such as US EPA DofE programs, EU RoHS and WEEE Directives, EU REACH Regulation and voluntary safety programs, and initiatives such as VECAPProduct Stewardship and Responsible Care. Moreover, scientific studies show that brominated flame retardants (BFRs) play an important role in the reduction of emission of toxic smoke during full-scale fires or incineration. ICL-IP’s flame retardants portfolio includes additives, polymeric and reactive (monomeric) products based on brominephosphorus and other materials.


BFRs, the market’s primary flame retardants, are known for their efficiency and are suitable for use in most polymeric systems. They are used by the E&E, building & construction, automotive and transportation industries. From a product-life-cycle perspective, and compared to other FRs, plastics treated with BFRs provide an improved recycling profile characterized by the retention of a high proportion of their initial properties.

Novel Defoamer for Glossy Water-Based Paints

ICL is looking for a novel defoamer formulation or technology for use in glossy water-based paints with low pigment volume concentration (PVC). The solution must effectively prevent or destroy foam, be silicone and mineral-oil free, and not cause surface defects in the finished coating.