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Our Incubator's Focus


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Our Incubator's Focus

ICL Innovation Accelerator seeks breakthrough ideas from innovative thinkers:

1) innovative technologies at an early stage of development

2) novel materials

3) cost effective production processes that correlate with ICL's core activities, make use of ICL's primary source materials and represent ingenious approaches to issues faced by ICL companies

 Projects selected by IC's incubator will benefit from ICL’s commercial and business support. Each project will be adopted by one of ICL's segments or business units, and will enjoy full long-term support in terms of finance, research and development, both in the laboratory and in the field.

 Click on a product area below to read about our areas of interest and current product activities


BU FOOD produces and sells phosphate specialties, chopping or brine additives, emulsifying salts and leavening acids, and a big variety of complex blends of various ingredients to the food processing industry. Our expertise is to create synergistic effects for our customers. Our products provide indispensable functions to the processing industry. They e.g. act as emulsion and color stabilizers, maturing agents, texture and taste improvers, freshness retainer, etc. We are mainly serving the foll More


Fertilizers contain the nutrients that are essential to plant growth and development. With these nutrients, plants produce the food that animals and human beings eat. We are seeking early stage innovative technologies, novel materials and cost effective production processes to be incorporated by ICL Fertilizers. More

Engineered Materials

20 million fires involving private dwellings, public buildings, discos, trains, buses and subways are claiming tens thousands of lives, injuring hundreds thousands of people and costing more than 40 billion dollars to the community worldwide. Join our efforts to find novel materials and processes for this industry. More