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R&D Success Stories

Merquel: Contributing to clean air

ICL is a world leader in the supply of bromine-based chemicals for improving air quality and reducing damage to local ecological systems. For example, ICL’s researchers developed Merquel™, a bromine-based product used to reduce mercury emissions generated by coal-powered electricity plants and power stations.  Merquel™ is a versatile product suitable for all types of combustion methods used in coal-fired power plants and all types of air pollution control configurations. 


FR122P & Polyquel: Next-generation flame retardants

ICL has developed an innovative brominated polymeric flame retardant (FR), FR122P, which is intended for use by the building industry in extruded polystyrene (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation products. FR122P is a sustainable, polymeric replacement for the flame retardants currently used in EPS/XPS insulation foams. Pilot tests conducted by ICL IP’s customers have confirmed that FR122P delivers the required level of fire safety to their products. 

 As one of the flame retardant industry’s leading suppliers, ICL is committed to developing next-generation flame retardants that conform to ever-higher standards of sustainability, quality, performance and safety. Its FR portfolio includes a growing number of sustainable polymeric products, including the FR1025P, brominated epoxy polymers and its Polyquel™ product line, as well as FR122P.


Creating gypsum plasterboard from polyhalite

IMI is working together with ICL Fertilizers’ subsidiary in the UK, Cleveland Potash (CPL), to develop a process for the production of new high-purity products based on polyhalite. More than a billion tons of polyhalite ore are located below the potash layer of CPL’s mines off the UK coast in the North Sea. In its natural form, polyhalite is used as an organic fertilizer, or as a raw material in the production of specialty fertilizers.

 One of the by-products of the polyhalite production process is gypsum. With the goal of identifying a use for this by-product in the plasterboard industry, CPL began discussions with Lafarge Plasterboard, a major Belgian plasterboard producer with plants in Bristol and Ferrybridge UK, as well as in Delfzijl, the Netherlands.