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Food Innovation


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Food Innovation

BU FOOD produces and sells phosphate specialties, chopping or brine additives, emulsifying salts and leavening acids, and a big variety of complex blends of various ingredients to the food processing industry. Our expertise is to create synergistic effects for our customers. Our products provide indispensable functions to the processing industry. They e.g. act as emulsion and color stabilizers, maturing agents, texture and taste improvers, freshness retainer, etc.  We are mainly serving the following industries: meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery, noodle and beverages. 

ICL PP is interested in extending its food innovation portfolio, to include non-phosphate (non-K, non-Br) products and solutions (soy protein, sugars/starches, enzymes, etc.)

We are looking for


Functional food ingredients


Our Current Products in the Food Area

ICL PP’s high-quality ingredients enhance the properties, performance and quality of many food products and its customized solutions meet the toughest formulation challenges. They include:

Leavening acids allow tailored bakery solutions for home & industrial baking

Phosphates, phosphoric acid and complex blends provide solutions for many beverage applications

Specialties that provide fundamental functionalities in dairy products enhancing appearance, eating quality and shelf life

Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
Functionally versatile products that provide enhanced texture, taste, quality for all types of meat, poultry and seafood products and reduce losses

A robust line of phosphate-based formulations enhance nutrition

Pet Food and Animal Feed
Phosphates that supplement nutrition and improve palatability in both pet food and animal feed

Potato and Produce
Ingredients that prevent discoloration of potatoes and improve the freshness of other produce


Food Additive and Ingredients

ICL PP’s broad range of customized food additives and ingredients includes seasonings, flavors color stabilizers and emulsifiers for the dairy, bakery, meat and pharmaceutical industries. The segment’s recent acquisition of Mexico-based Cosmocel Quimica, a Mexican market leading manufacturer of functional food ingredients and specialty chemicals, expanded its reach in the food, beverage and specialty chemical markets with a broadened product portfolio in the bakery, dairy and beverage markets.


Food Grade Phosphoric Acid and Phosphate Salts

ICL PP is a global leader in food-grade phosphoric acid and blended and defined food-grade phosphate salts. A major supplier to the dairy, bakery, condiment and beverage industries, ICL PP markets and sells its products to food and beverage distributors and end users throughout the US, Europe and other parts of the world. From leavening agents for bakeries, to calcium stabilization for beverage companies and applications for processed cheeses, we help the food and beverage industry to develop and produce healthier, longer lasting and more attractive products.