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Many innovative and promising ideas are never commercialized for lack of funding, project management, pilot facilities or commercialization expertise. As one of the world’s leading fertilizers and specialty chemicals companies, ICL is well established in each of these areas and ideally positioned to partner with scientists and entrepreneurs with great ideas around the world.

By providing you with the right support, ICL reduces the time, expense and administrative burden associated with taking your project from concept to industrial implementation.

Researchers and entrepreneurs who create a strategic relationship with ICL will benefit from our financial strength, professional platform, world-class labs, nurturing environment and global reach.

 How We Work

ICL Innovation solicits a select number of product ideas and projects from a range of sources, including academic institutions, research institutes, technology cooperatives, incubators and venture capital funds.

We evaluate the suitability of each project for the needs of our Company from the standpoint of technology, business model and environmental responsibility. In addition, each project is rated in terms of its contribution to world needs in our focus areas. See Our Focus.  

Each project selected is “adopted” by an ICL segment, which provides support and supervision to assure that the project remains practical and grounded. Upon successful commercialization, the segment will market the product and/or incorporate the process into its operations.

 Your Strategic Partner

The ICL segment acts as your strategic partner for each project from development to implementation. This includes:


ICL Innovation provides substantial benefits to developers, scientists and entrepreneurs whose projects are accepted into our Open Innovation program. These include:    

IP Transfer    

The intellectual property (IP) underlying all projects accepted by ICL Innovation ICL is licensed or acquired by ICL. The terms of the license or acquisition give ICL exclusive rights to commercialize the project.     

Unlike technology transfers to other project incubators, if ICL withdraws from the project, it will waive its technology license or purchase, freeing the developer to pursue other avenues for commercially development.