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Ammonia synthesis alternatives


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Ammonia synthesis alternatives

ICL Innovation seeks a novel, cost-effective process to synthesize ammonia in small-medium scales, as an alternative to the Haber Bosch process. The produced ammonia will mainly be used to produce fertilizers.


In the current Haber Bosch process, hydrogen from fossil fuels is utilized to produce ammonia, releasing 2-3 tons of CO2 per ton NH3 under extreme pressure (100-300 bar) and temperature. Production plants are massive, and production is continuous and centralized. On the other hand, the process is highly efficient. 

Among its many uses, ammonia is also a feedstock for fertilizers manufacturing, which is why ICL is interested in its production, on a much smaller scale, close to its fertilizers production sites, in particular Israel and Holland. Preferably, nitrogen should come from the air, and the hydrogen is available in-house. 

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Information on ICL's current product line can be found in the ICL's web page.

As a technology incubator, ICL Innovation is looking for innovative technologies that may require further development, may be licensed to and commercialized by ICL.  

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