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Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers


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Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

ICL Innovation- ICL's technology Incubator seeks Advanced Fertilizers for various application methods to supplement ICL's plant nutrition solutions, with a focus on fertigation and foliar applications. 


We are interested in

Any highly efficient, low cost fertilization technologies that target mainly intensive as well as large crops. The following are examples of such technologies:

Our criteria:

  1. Cost- the agro industry is a highly price sensitive market and technologies should be economical in Agro terms
  2. Loading- The fertilizers should comprise at least 85% of the final product (w/w)
  3. Performance in real life conditions- release profile, cross effects etc.
  4. Feasibility of application using mostly existing machinery and following established practices
  5. Regulatory considerations

Information on ICL's current product line can be found in the ICL Specialty Fertilizers web page.

As a technology incubator, ICL Innovation is looking only for innovative technologies that may be further developed and commercialized through a business unit in ICL. 

We Offer:


IP  Collaboration