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Asphaltene Dispersants for Oil Industry


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Asphaltene Dispersants for Oil Industry

ICL Innovation, a technology incubator for the ICL group, seeks novel asphaltene inhibitors and asphaltene dispersants for the oil industry

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During transport in pipes, following oil processing, asphaltene builds up on pipes and other equipment. Asphaltenes are a class of compounds present in the most liquid oil and gas streams and concentrated in the high-temperature distillation residue of petroleum (> 530°C).  Asphaltene deposition is a major problem both upstream and downstream in the petroleum industry. Asphaltene can precipitate deep inside the reservoir, in pipelines or onto safety equipment and cause blockages and severe emulsion formation resulting in reservoir damage, loss of crude oil recovery and escalating costs. There are two types (classes) of additives used to tackle the asphaltene problem at the production sites. These are asphaltene dispersants (AD) and asphaltene inhibitors (AI). AI additives prevent the aggregation of asphaltene molecules, whereas AD additives are usually non-polymeric surfactants. AI agents are polymeric resinous materials that stabilize the asphaltenes and prevent destabilization, agglomeration and flocculation of asphaltenes by forming strong association with asphaltene moieties.   

Our research and development laboratories in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia are staffed with industry experts and state of the art analytical and application equipment. Utilizing R&D best practices we have developed many patented technologies, proprietary products/processes and new applications. We are dedicated to a culture of learning and keep abreast of market and research trends via customer partnerships, academic collaboration and industry trade association participation.


We Offer:

IP Collaboration

The proposal would need to clearly describe the technical concept (chemical approach, structure if IP protected) and proof of concept results, if available. Information on ICL's current product line can be found at .

As a technology incubator, ICL Innovation is looking only for innovative technologies that may be further developed and commercialized through a business unit in ICL.