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Functional Food Ingredients


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Functional Food Ingredients


ICL Food Specialties is a global leader in protein management. We provide functional ingredient systems that deliver texture and stability to food and beverage products.


We are looking for innovative technologies in the areas of natural, E-number free or minimally processed ingredients/additives for foods and beverages. The ingredients/additives must be highly functional (as opposed to mainly nutritional) and should be able to fully or partially substitute the use of food additives (with E-numbers) or reduce the needs of extensive ingredients. The aim is to increase naturalness and clean-label aspects of food products without compromising in taste, texture and stability.

Our interest

The ideal solution should have techno-functional properties comparable or superior to current food ingredients/additives.

  1. Alternative Protein Ingredients from plant, microbial or algae sources, having excellent functionalities e.g. solubility, gelation, foaming, emulsifying properties.
  2. Natural antioxidants or antimicrobials for preservation
  3. Natural texturants
  4. Natural acidity regulators (pH control agents)


Target food applications:

- Meat substitutes

- Meat-Poultry-Seafood products

- Dairy and Non-Dairy products

- Bakery

- Beverage


We Offer

We’re open to consider any type of collaboration, but typically these include:

-       Full funding for developing selected technologies and sponsored research

-       Joint development/collaborative R&D and IP Collaboration

-       License agreement (preferably exclusive)

-       Analytical laboratories, pilot facilities and high level R&D teams based on ICL's central R&D institute and on the facilities in the Dead Sea plant

-       An industrial partner

-       Channel-to-Market / Distribution agreement


Please feel free to reach out to us; we’d be happy to discuss with you. If you wish to submit a proposal, please make sure that it clearly describes the technical background and of proof of concept results, if available.

Further information on ICL can be found at and