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Invitation and summary of the ICL Innovation's entrepreneurial seminar

19 May, 2014

A new technological and entrepreneurial spirit sweeps through ICL, and the organization shifts gears in all that concerns innovative technological solutions within its areas of business. ICL seeks you- entrepreneurs and innovators, to come and suggest solutions matching a list of unmet needs defined by the organization. ICL Innovation proposes to incubate and fund suitable early stage technologies from idea, through R&D all the way to commercialization in ICL.


On May 7th the industry association will hold ICL Innovation's entrepreneurial seminar, between 09:00-13:00 in the Musheviz hall on the 16th floor.

The unique model of the new ICL incubator "ICL Innovation" will be explained. The model fully supports financial, technical and marketing aspects, from idea to commercialization. 7 innovative projects, leaning on international cooperation, already take advantage of this model, and are being carried out through the incubator.

ICL Innovation model and objectives