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About ICL's Innovation Incubator


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About ICL's Innovation Incubator

 ICL Innovation is the flagship initiative of ICL’s new Open Innovation program. With the goal of accelerating ICL’s development of the sustainable new products and processes needed to solve major global challenges, we created Innovation Incubator to enable the company to benefit from the full range of knowledge, creativity and business initiative throughout the world. 

 Through the development of cutting-edge products and processes, our Technology Incubator will help assure ICL’s standing as a leading industrial company working to solve the global challenges, created by growing populations and increased environmental awareness. By embracing the Open Innovation approach, we will bring identify the best of the world’s innovation and harness the power of collaboration with scientists/entrepreneurs everywhere, to accelerate our growth. See Open Innovation.

 To this end, we seek early stage innovative technologies, novel materials and cost-effective production processes that can be incorporated by ICL companies into their products in the areas of Water, Food, Energy, Fertilizers and Specialty Chemicals.

 Our main interest is in technologies, that correlate with ICL's core activities, that make use of ICL's primary source materials and represent ingenious approaches to issues faced by ICL companies. See Our Focus.

 The projects selected will benefit from ICL’s Innovation Incubator commercial and business support. Each project will be adopted by one of ICL's subsidiaries, and will enjoy full financial and , development support over the long-term, both in the laboratory and in the field. See Resources.

 Our Open Innovation “Accelerator” augments our strong R&D organization, which is comprised of approximately 500 employees that work at IMI/TAMI (ICL’s central institute for R&D located in Haifa, Israel) and at our other R&D facilities located in Germany, Holland, the U.S. and Israel. See R&D at ICL.

 ICL Innovation invites great minds to make a difference!